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Satta king online result and record chart

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satta king result chart
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Dear user, We would like to inform you that we and our site (satta King) is not involved with any online gambling activity. all the data on the website are just records and are sponsored. we do not want to harm the rules and regulations of any country. we also want to inform you that playing the Satta king game may not legal in your country so it's better to quit from today. Thanks

What is Satta Kingz site all about?

SATTA KING RESULT Satta king is a game is just playing game with numbers. If you are lucky enough then you will win sattaking. There are plenty websites which conducts satta king online .People make money from this game as well as lost in this game it is like gambling. You can’t predict the number. But these days people in India are going to craze for such types of games. But also people should understand this is illegal to play because in India it is not under the law, it is against the rules and regulation of Indian constitution. History of Satta king Satta king was call it as Satta matka because they used to write numbers on piece of paper and put in that matka. While they wanted to withdraw the result they randomly pick on paper from that matka and that is the result. So people used to call this game as Satta matka .This Satta king game founder is Ratan Khatri. In 1980s this game became popular. This game started like they used to make bets on opening rates and closing rates of cotton. These are transmitted from New York cotton exchange to Bombay cotton exchange through teleprinters. At some point of time they stopped the practice so people addicted to this business turns to alternative games Satta king . Satta king online Now a days every thing has become online including games. Satta king can also be played in online as well as offline modes. There is no such difference between online and offline modes. Satta king online advantage is they can have number of options everything is online including payment. They can able to see the satta king charts. It will be refrence for players .People make bets on different games of Sattaking like satta king gali, disawar satta etc. layers should login to the website and select which ever game they want to play and bid the amount how much they want to bid. And should wait until the result announced in the website . if they win that game they will be rewarded 90% of money what they invest. This transaction will be done through online. What happened in offline mode is there will be a person who is called as khaiwal who is an agent of Satta king game .First of all you have to select one number which you want to wish then khaiwal will collect money from you. Then hw will give information to company .if you win the game he will contact and give the money. Satta king charts Satta king charts is available in our website there we can able to see older result charts on website. In Satta king charts list Player can able to see the previous sattaking results. These results will be updated on daily bases so it will be accurate players can go through this. About Satta king is a game which is based on numbers, means people play with numbers in this game. These days many people are involve in the games like betting .For IPL matches so many youngsters involve in betting and lost their money. Sattaking is also such games which are kind of betting. People must be careful before entering such kind of games. Before lottery was there after sometime it is banned by Indian government. Actually it was a good decision taken by the government because people are so addicted to this and not able to look after their family . Satta king is a number game. This game is not today’s game it used to play in earlier days . People were very craze about this game. Sattaking game includes not only highly educated people like that it includes both educated and non-educated people. Because Sattaking doesn’t require any technical knowledge to play . So everyone used to play this game. History of Sattaking Satta king game was started before the indian independence. People bid the amount in very different way like people keep bets on opening rates of cotton and closing rates of cotton. They used to transmitted from NY cotton exchange to Bombay Cotton exchange with the help of teleprinters. At some point of time they stopped the practice of cotton exchange. This become problem for the agent. To to keep this alive they found the game satta matka. Rattan Khati is the founder of. He found out the new idea , Idea is that one have to select some random opening and closing number and these numbers is written on piece of paper and put it in a matka which means a pot. Once all these done they are going to declare the result by opening the pot pick up the chit and announce the result. In those days people play this game only from Monday to Friday. That means five days a week. After this lottery came into picture the betting for cricket ,, foot ball started. These game usually high in Mumbai, dheli, Kolkata, Gujarat and other states. Mumbai police attacked people those to played this game and the lottery and sattaking is banned legally in India. Online Satta king can be played in online too. Satta king online is came in 2018.People started to play in online. These days every things has become online .From selection of number to announcing result it is online. There are many websites for Sattaking game . Satta king can be played both in offline and online modes. For online plyer should download application and login to the website.Then they have to select the game like The four games in satta king are: satta king Gail, Satta king Desawar, Satta king Faridabad, Satta king Ghaziabad. Satta king Charts available in websites that will help players to see the previous results .So that will help people to bid on which number . Satta king charts also available based on monthly bases as well as daily basis.